PACS stands for “Players”, “Agents”, “Clubs” and “Scouts”.

Our aim it connect the various stakeholders in the game and to completely change the face of rugby as we know it.

Whether you come from a small club or are a scout or agent just starting out we believe that ability rather than having the right personal contacts and exposure should be the determinant factor in success.

Rugby is one of the fastest growing games in the world and with new clubs, universities and countries taking the game far more seriously there is no doubt that there are massive opportunities out there for those who have not been able to secure contracts in the major playing markets.

PACS is all about the players, their well being and securing them opportunities. This is what inspired the creation of the PACS concept in the first place and our team will do everything they can to help change lives!


Are you in the rugby industry? Are you able to offer players a set of unique services?

Then why not sign up to become a PACS partner?

Becoming a PACS partner is completely free and allows you to showcase your services whether it be providing highlights reels, design services, personal training, arranging rugby tours or equipment such as jerseys, boots or even gum guards.

Connect now with the rugby community today!

PACS Overview


Create a free profile for the world to see! Display all your season stats as well as fitness test results


Create a profile that includes your biography and the agency you represent. Further you can search for players who have no agencies and contact them directly.


Create your own profile and showcase what makes your team stand out from the rest! Tag players and staff to connect them to your club page and send out notices or search our database to find the talent your are missing.


Whether you are a pro scout, journalist or simply a fan who wishes to research the next big thing in rugby PACS is for you. Create an account and search for that hidden gem.


If you would like to get in touch regarding sponsorship opportunities please contact us

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